Before Your Surgery




In order to schedule your hand or wrist surgery, we need to complete a hospital booking form and consent form usually during your appointment. You will also be provided with a quote, if applicable.

Depending on what type of hand or wrist surgery you are having and your medical history, Dr Bissell may also arrange certain pre-operative tests and/or a review by other specialists. You may also be required to attend a Pre-Admission Clinic at the hospital.

The hospital will usually contact you the business day prior to your scheduled hand or wrist surgery with your admission and fasting time. As a general rule no food should be eaten within 6 hours of surgery but clear fluids (water, apple juice or black tea/coffee only) can be consumed until2 hours prior to surgery.

You may need to cease some of your regular medication up to a week prior to hand or wrist surgery but Dr Bissell will inform you of this if required. Certain vitamin supplements such as fish oil should also be ceased as they can increase bleeding risk.

You will need someone to escort you home and stay with you overnight. You should not make important legal decisions, drive or operate machinery for 24 hours after your hand or wrist surgery. You should ensure you have adequate time off work and sufficient support at home whilst you recover.

Operations are performed at:

If you have any further questions about preparing for hand or wrist surgery please do not hesitate to call 02 8880 1984 or email

For all appointment and enquiries, please phone 02 8880 1984

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